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1700-2000 rated problems are generally going to be 2-3 moves or at the very least forcing combinations. They shouldn't take 10 minutes or anywhere near that. If you're spending that long on them that means you're lacking the pattern recognition of the simpler tactics that are the building blocks. You need to work on solving simpler 1 and 2 move combinations ...


You have to be honest with yourself at first. It is impossible that you gonna solve all the puzzles, you will ALWAYS be facing one or other that you can not solve in time. SO, use this to your advantage! Expect this one. Search for this one. Wait patiently for this one. And when it comes, laugh about it, because you was prepared for it. Also, obviusly, study ...


You deal with frustration in many ways. If the self help books do not cure you then see a shrink. If you meant to ask how do you learn to solve puzzles faster then it would depend on your ability. Everybody hits their limit at some point. Otherwise you need to study more first then solve puzzles of that type. Just doing random problems will not help you ...


It happens every day to a lot of players! Some problems are very hard and can be very frustrating. My advice would be to try hard during "your 10 minutes", and if the problem is challenging to move on without seeing the solution. Come back to the puzzle after you've had a break and cleared your head. At least, that works great for me!

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