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How Should This Rook and Pawn Endgame Be Understood?

Black's aim is to push the a pawn and queen. The first step is trying to play a6 or better still a5. This is going to require help from the king because the rook can't get behind the pawn. Let's look ...
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Can anyone explain this sacrifice?

Always ask yourself, "what is my opponent threatening?", especially before making a move that is not a check. Let's say Black plays the non-check 1..Rxh2. The goal is the "unstoppable&...
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Can anyone explain this sacrifice?

Black sacrifices the queen to deflect the bishop away from the a4-e8 diagonal; after 2. Bxc4 Rxh2, the threat of 3...Rh1# is winning. If Black attempts to skip 1...Qxc4+, playing 1...Rxh2?? then White ...
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