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Phase 1 of Knight Bishop Checkmate

Let's start by reminding ourselves of what the checkmate process involves in general terms and then deduce guiding principles for both black and white. The checkmating process basically consists of ...
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Does a chess position exists where one player has insufficient material, and at the same time has a forced mate in 2?

An explicit example of what the OP asked for. White has only K and B, and has a forced smothered mate in 2. [Title "White to play and mate in 2"] [StartFlipped "0"] [fen "kb6/...
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Why was this a draw? What move I supposed to play to win?

Keeping in mind that it's illegal to make a move that leaves your own king up for capture by an enemy piece: Stalemate occurs when a player has no legal moves available on his turn but his king isn't ...
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Why was this a draw? What move I supposed to play to win?

After 52. Kd2 the White King has no legal moves. The move 52...g3? does not give a check and results in a stalemate since the White King may not move into check. A stalemate results in a draw; IM ...
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Why was this a draw?

This is a draw as the White King is stalemated. After 45...Rb1??, the White King has no legal moves but is not in check. Since White's King cannot move into check, the King cannot move to the... h1, ...
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Does a KQQ vs KQ endgame position with perpetual check exist?

Black has a perpetual check and all of White's moves are forced. [FEN "5k2/1Q6/8/8/8/7q/8/6QK w - - 0 1"] 1. Qh2 Qf1+ 2. Qg1 Qh3+
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