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Stockfish destroys Daniel Naroditsky's endgame variation (from his book (Mastering Positional Chess))

I think you misunderstood both the position and Naroditsky's comments. Stockfish says starting position is losing. The point of the study, as often, is that the correct evaluation goes against your ...
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Rook and promoted Bishop vs Rook endgame--forced win or draw?

It's hard to provide full analysis, but I'd say yes with almost all certainty. One of the main difficulties the stronger side encounters on this endgame is getting to use the bishops to block checks ...
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Is the following position really a White win?

There are quite a number of lines here, and it's not obvious how White can force concessions. In sum, White must either win f4, win a bishop for a pawn, or trade their c- for Black's f-pawn. I'll ...
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Who is better in this endgame?

Now I just did a deep analysis with Stockfish 14.1 NNUE depth =73 three quarters of an hour, and it is winning right away , with or without the 50 move rule. The position is evaluated at +5.02 for ...
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An endgame from Deutschland Grand Prix 2022 McShane vs Bluebaum

I'm assuming the depth 48 evaluation from today on the cloud is you :) I have a similar evaluation using Stockfish 15 at depth 29, so yes I think it's pretty clear 1.h5 (or 1.f4) are both objectively ...

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