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All FIDE rated tournaments have to be registered in advance with FIDE. Once registered with FIDE they appear on the FIDE website. The page for the USA is here. As you can see the US is very poorly served for FIDE rated tournaments. The main centers are New York, San Francisco, LA and St Louis.


Now they they have selected them do we need to buy those to play in FIDE tournaments? Certainly not! FIDE has never required players to buy any equipment to play in FIDE tournaments. We players have never been required to buy any clocks, sets, pieces, memorabilia, etc. The only two things we have to pay for are the appropriate level of membership of our ...


They seem to have just finished the process literally YESTERDAY, but the new clocks have not made it into that list. You would think that there would be a set of criteria that a company would have to meet, and if met, then they would get approval, but it appears to be more of a "money thing" than a "this-clock-is-good" thing. I remembered looking for that ...


Here is the document that includes that. See section 5.5.


Does chess need promoting at all? The only way a chess tournament happens is if one or more people organize it. If nobody promotes chess then there will only be sporadic individual games. There will be no organized tournaments. Should anyone bother to promote chess other than FIDE? There are tens of thousands of chess clubs in the world. Suggesting that ...


You should ignore FIDE. Drop your membership. Never play in their tournaments again. Clearly they need you more than you need them. Quitting will show them who is boss. So be the modern day Fischer and refuse to deal with them till they see it your way.

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