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Russian Chess Federation leaves Europe (ECU) and joins Asia (ACF). What practical difference does this make?

Since the start of the war with Ukraine, Russia has been sanctioned by many European organizations in several fields. Chess is one of the them. Most likely Russian players would not have been allowed ...
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Lowest rated player(s) who earned a GM norm

I don't think he holds the record but IM Yochanan Afek was rated 2329 (and already 50 years old !) when he secured his first GM-norm by winning the Paris City Championship in 2002. Putting aside GM-...
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Does the Russian Chess Federation switching to the ACF actually make it harder for Chinese/Indian players to qualify for the World Championships?

The Russian Chess Federation's move from Europe (ECU) to Asia (ACF) takes effect on 1st May. In the meantime players with RUS membership may not play FIDE rated chess. Those Russian players who have ...
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