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As kentdjb already noted, there is no variation with that exact position which has an ECO entry. But it happened in sub lines of some ECO codes. I did a search on this database (only contains GM games and games before 1900). Both pgn-extract and this CQL query ... cql() Ra1 Nb1 Bc1 Qd1 Ke1 Bf1 Ng1 Rh1 Pa2 Pb2 Pc3 Pd4 Pe4 Pf3 Pg2 Ph2 ... find 40 results. ...


Using my free, open source pgn-extract program you can specify a grep-like FEN pattern to be searched for in a PGN file of games. The program comes with a file of opening lines (eco.pgn) so a search such as: pgn-extract --fenpattern "*/*/*/*/3PP3/2P2P2/PP4PP/RNBQKBNR" eco.pgn would output any matches along with the associated ECO information in ...


Wikipedia says TT is Transposition Table... When the search encounters a transposition, it is beneficial to 'remember' what was determined last time the position was examined, rather than redoing the entire search again. For this reason, chess programs have a transposition table, which is a large hash table storing information about positions previously ...


Python has a pgn parser as part of its chess library.

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