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Lichess has an option to play blindfolded if you have an account registered. You have to activate the Speech Sound effect, in the upper right corner → Sound → Speech. To enable writing coordinates(e.g. Nxe4) instead of moving pieces you can activate blindfold mode in your game display preferences. Enjoy your games! Source


If you are looking for an easy-to-use, FIDE-approved online platform, take a look at ChessManager.


2021 Update: i think they've done more edits to the app and the game. The app: The app was unfortunately not so good but I believe at least a little better now. The game: I think the game is pretty balanced and fun and indeed requires skill in both chess and poker (well, maybe depends if the game has proper blinds and stuff). Thus, 'worth playing'. I think ...


Lichess recently added a concise explanation to its site: Chess rating systems Important points: uses the Glicko-1 algorithm with an initial rating of 1200. Lichess uses the Glicko-2 algorithm with an initial rating of 1500. Neither of them uses the Elo algorithm (not ELO - it's not an abbreviation). Furthermore, it doesn't make sense to compare ...


He thereby claims that games are easier on Lichess than on If his claim that the players on are better than the players on Lichess is true then his conclusion is trivially true. For me this claim makes no sense because both sites use the same ELO algorithm, which is a mathematical object, independent of which players play on which site ...


For the FIDE Online Arena, only specific time controls can be rated. For example, you can play a rated 5 minute or 10 minute blitz game, but if you play a 7 minute game it will always be unrated. According to the FIDE Online Arena Rating Regulations, the ratable time controls are as follows: 2.3 Rated games use the following predetermined time controls: ...

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