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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

Questions relating to the initial moves of the game and their aims
1672 questions
Questions relating to chess engines: any computer program that is able to play/analyze chess positions.
Questions relating to the objective assessment of a position. The assessment may entail which side has the advantage, or what the best move might be.
951 questions
Questions relating to the rules of chess
643 questions
Questions relating to the final stages of a game of chess, when only few pieces are left on the board.
594 questions
Questions relating to reasoning behind a move, plan, or idea
565 questions
Questions related to learning how to play chess and improving your chess skills. This can also be used for questions concerning "learning" chess engines.
551 questions
Questions about chess-related software, but not including chess-playing engines; there's a more specific tag for those questions, the [engines] tag.
Questions about FIDE, the international governing body of chess.
406 questions
Theory commonly refers to the erudite study and the philosophy behind the moves in chess (like the opening or endgame theory), but this tag can also be used for questions about the theoretic study of …
402 questions
Chess problems consist of a board position and a task. Most ask for a line of play that mates black in a set amount of moves, or a combination that results in a winning position. Many other types exis…
392 questions
for questions relating to the history of chess and chess organizations, whose origins trace to the ancient Indian game of Chaturanga.
376 questions
A number that approximates a player's skill. The actual meaning of the number depends upon the issuing organization. FIDE ratings are used as the international standard for over-the-board chess.
355 questions
Questions relating to checkmating.
354 questions
A series of chess games between a number of player, who compete for a set of prizes. Chess tournaments are of different formats and categories, and they can be open or by invitation only
Questions about variants of normal chess including bughouse, Chess960 (Fischer Random), atomic chess, racing kings, crazyhouse, antichess, etc. Can be used together with a more specific chess-variant …
341 questions
Stockfish is a strong open-source chess engine.
335 questions
Questions relating to maneuvers that take advantage of short-term opportunities, such as forks, discovered attacks, skewers, etc.
316 questions
Questions related to all aspects of writing software related to chess.
285 questions
Questions relating to playing chess on the internet, as opposed to over-the-board chess.
262 questions
Questions relating to drawing in chess
223 questions
Questions about game statistics, e.g. the winning percentage of a "line," the probability of some event occurring in a game, or player statistics.
222 questions
A style of play emphasizing capture of strategic squares and prophylactic moves.
205 questions
Questions concerning chess literature.
202 questions
Questions of interest to or relating to new players.
191 questions
refers to chess games played by computers. If you want to ask a question about those games, use this tag. Otherwise, use the tag [engines].
190 questions
The Sicilian Defense is the opening given by the moves 1. e4 c5, and it is one of the most popular replies to white's 1. e4.
185 questions
Often, a puzzle type of problem in which a tactical or positional solution is required, like White/Black to move and win”, in what is often a middlegame or endgame-esqe position. But a puzzle can a…
175 questions
Questions relating to chess training
171 questions
Use when the question is ABOUT the Elo rating system not when it mentions Elo
170 questions
The evaluation of a given position
167 questions
Questions about the particular terminology used in chess
166 questions
For questions related to (world) records in chess, e.g. the longest game (in moves or in duration), highest obtained rating, longest mate in n puzzle, etc.
163 questions
A set of chess games, distributed as a stand-alone product or as part of a bundle of chess software. For endgame databases, use the [tablebases] tag instead.
159 questions
Questions related to cognitive, motivational and other psychological aspects of chess, both during and before/after games.
154 questions
Questions relating to pawns in chess
152 questions
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