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Why is Ncxe5 more accurate than Ndxe5?

So, why does the engine prefer taking with the c6 knight? The problem is that white has the move Nd5. If you take with the c6 knight then you can easily kick the knight away (after having dealt with ...
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In this position, why is Nb4 better than b4?

Nb4 is the best move, but what is an explanation for why it is the best move and why b4 is not a good move? In the position where you played b4 your knight on c2 is under an x-ray attack from the ...
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When can legions of knights on an infinite chessboard checkmate a lone king?

It's in theory possible if the king starts right next to the knights. I guess that means the "number" is 1. [fen "8/8/8/3k4/2NNN3/3N1N2/3N4/4K3 w - - 0 1"] 1. Nb4#
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