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Chess Tree Visualization Tool (no engine or database needed)

I created a (free) tool that fits your description :) it's called it can handle transpositions, show all moves at once (no collapsing yet, but I'm working on that feature). It ...
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Best Repetoire Building Tools

For creating the repertoires I use the tools: and For studying the repertoires I use I also use Hiarcs Chess Explorer pro, to ...
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Which Chess Engine is Most Preferred by Grandmasters for Analysis and Considered the Fastest and Best Currently?

Matthew Sadler on his Silicon Road channel has an excellent series on using Leela with WDL contempt to generate exciting new opening ideas that are difficult to refute over-the-board. See my other ...
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Best interesting chess engine?

I should say that you should analyze your games yourself to actually have serious improvement (and it is a good idea to analyze your own games). That being said, there are adaptive chess engines that ...
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Best interesting chess engine?

You can surprise opponents with any engine - just run the engine in multi-PV mode and focus on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. moves that the engine suggests. You can also try running Lc0 with high WDL ...
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Why is the immediate ...d5 in the 4. d3 Italian not played?

It is actually played even at top level. Some good examples are "Esipenko - Vidit 2022" or "Van Foreest - Erigaisi 2022". From a strategically point of view, the line makes ...
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One-liner double zugzwang

It's a good question, and I would like to lay claim to the view that no such position exists. I have explored a bit, and found no hint of necessary zugzwang behaviour. Without exhaustive computer ...
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