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Ideas for giving chess lessons at school for differing levels of playing strength?

Divide into groups I totally back up PhishMaster's idea of breaking the class into a few groups based on strength. I have use 3 groups (complete beginner, average and above-average); this should work ...
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Is it too late for me to get into competitive chess?

Sorry for my bad english.BuT personaly i think that it is good to start early and even if u ,,start late,, tha it is still posible to achive any title but u woul d need to be extrimly talented.I am ...
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Is there a chess learning roadmap from beginner to the advanced level?

No matter which path you follow it will only work, if you combine it with regular tournament play and analysis of own games, preferably without engine. Prefer longer time controls to shorter. In ...
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How did you get over 2000 FIDE?

my most glaring weaknesses ... 1.) Time management A number of thoughts on this which center on your physical being and consequent state of mind.. I used to have time trouble problems. My clock ...
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How did you get over 2000 FIDE?

I'd recommend you check out Mark Dvoretsky and Arthur Yusupov's School of Future Champions, also to improve your endgame knowledge you should take a look at Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual which is the go-...
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How to play with my child?

Another natural handicap that I haven't seen another player mention is time controls. When I have played against Kindergarten students (and I expect that there's a similar gulf in rating between me ...
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