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Understanding UCI Output of Chess Engine - how to get best continuation

In that second example, the "lowerbound" indicates that Stockfish established that the position is at least a score of -124 centipawns, but it may actually be better. At depth 13, Stockfish ...
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Is it possible to lose to "Worstfish"?

Yes, and the easiest strategy is to take all their pieces except a pawn, then attack all the squares around their king so only the pawn can move, and arrange for that to be a checkmate. Example: [FEN &...
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Is it possible to lose to "Worstfish"?

It's certainly possible, in fact a good player will probably succeed consistently. See Wiki on chess handicaps. One of the handicaps (and the one linked to above) is to force the opponent to checkmate ...
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Is it possible to lose to "Worstfish"?

There is a significant difference between making the worst move assuming best play and the worst move assuming worst play. The former is what Worstfish does (as far as I understand), but the latter is ...
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Is it possible to lose to "Worstfish"?

Here's an example found by googling "lose to worstfish chess" and following the first hit that comes up (a reddit thread) In case of link rot the game is below. I note WorstFish opens with ...
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Humanlike chess engine that isn't a neural network

I've got a quick idea here, so it might be complete garbage. What if we blend the traced evaluation with a static evaluation in shallower levels? Instead of only using the static evaluation score from ...
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Very fast chess games-tournaments between engines

Little blitzer is the perfect solution. But in this case, you can't see the live tournament games, but you can save and replay them after pgn file generated. It only takes few seconds to complete a ...
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