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There are theme tournaments on ICCF. Example for the Alapin variation of the Sicilian. However, it is correspondence chess, which might not be your cup of tea.


If you want, allows you to play from a custom opening position against a computer, which you can choose your level. If you need help with it, go here. You can also send a game to a friend. Lichess does a similar thing. Create your personal board, and press ...


I agree that AimChess is a paid service that seeks to give you customized answers using some fancy machine learning algorithms and normal engine play. However, I think you can recreate most of this yourself from some combination of, the default opening book, and lichess insights. Specifically, I'd first look at openingtree and your insights ...


Lichess saves all chess games I played, and anybody can go to my profile page, filter on the games I lost, and see which openings I played there. Because I analyze a lot of my games, you can see where it went wrong. Tool: lichess database and your own time O jea, you can also see timing there, so you can also see in what time I played my blunders (rapid, ...


Yes. Certainly. AimChess does exactly that. You may want to pay for it.

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