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It is absolutly legal. A fun lichess study even did it some times: (it happened 5 times if I counted correctly, but not a lot with the queen :) )


Yes, that move even has a proper name called cross-check Nowadays most chess programs/apps/websites implement complete FIDE rules. A quicker way to check might be to set up the board that reflects your case, and see if the program allows you to move that way


It is legal to block a check with a move that also gives check. This includes the case you ask about, where the blocker is a queen; this is a key tactic in queen endings. In general, a move that simultaneously parries a check and gives check is called a cross-check. This can happen with any of the three ways to parry a check: The King can move, discovering ...


It is legal to block the check in a way which puts the opponent in check. The rule is easier to understand with some history. One can think of chess as a game which ends when one captures the enemy king. Indeed, there are some variants of Chess which do end this way. However, historically it was highly frowned upon to think about capturing a king. ...


Chaturanga is a local variant played by Indian traders. This variant was created only 1400 yrs ago from ShadYantra or ShatRanjan (not Shatranj).. In older version Board Castling happened in real but not like Rook King exchange.. KING possesses scepter or RaajDand, symbolized by cross sign in kings position.. In indian Castling, king had to consult any Royal ...


The position shown is not checkmate. As you say, the queen can be captured. Even if that wasn't the case, there are two squares the king can escape to, and there's also a pawn that could move to block the check.


Yes, it is legal, since your king is no longer being attacked.


I haven't seen the series, but this was a quite common practice known as adjournment. It is indeed legal to ask for outside help, in the form of teammates and even computer programs during adjournment. However, they rarely happen anymore: With the advent of strong chess playing computer programs, which can be used to analyze adjourned positions, most ...


Ignore where the clock is placed and only concentrate on quickly using the same hand to move a piece and tap the clock. After a time it will come naturally.

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