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Why is this line of the Caro-Kann playable for white?

I have been playing this variation for many years, I think it is excellent for White. It gives a stable advantage and White does not risk anything. Why is the endgame so good? The short answer is, ...
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French or Caro Kann?

See below. This was the quickest objective comparison I saw. French Defense-Number of games in database: 7477; Years covered: 1819 to 2023; ...
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Caro-Kann Tartakower Variation Plan if White Avoids 5. ..Nxf6

Summary (strong ideas for Black) ..h5 According to the analysis of IM Sielecki and GM L'Ami: play ..h5, threatening to dislodge the knight develop the bishop to g4 (provoking the weakening f3, ...
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