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I've looked at the book 'Dismantling the Sicilian", but it didn't satisfy my need of information. The best I can recommend is not a book. Simply use the analysis board of and if you have premium, the opening book. There are also many master games which you can look at to learn about the strategies of this opening.


Hold on, the translation is coming out in December!


There are so many definitions of “beginner” :-) So i can only try some general advices. Beginners should start with tactics and easy endgames. In Europe, the Stappen method is quite popular and has a lot of materials for beginners and intermediates, but any book with explanation of tactical motives and a LOT of examples will serve. An app with chess puzzles ...


Capa's books are very good for your level especially the one you mentioned. My System is probably too advanced for where you're at. It's a great book but probably better for someone around 1800. Beginners should focus on not making huge tactical mistakes. Positional play like My System teaches you how to plan what to do when you can play a game without ...

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