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Who was Wright, purportedly the best player in the Australian prison system?

His name was Robert Wright, a convicted murderer who died in a 1987 prison fire.
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Can you suggest book references on chess theory?

Almost, every book of chess is about chess theory. There are millions! One fantastic collection is Yusupov Complete Series:
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What would be some great books that clarify the positional concepts of the Queen's Indian Defence from the Black side?

In my library I've "The Queen's Indian" by Yrjölä-Tella, Gambit Publications, 2003. The lines showed might be outdated now but it seems to me that the authors have made an effort of explaing ...
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What are some good books that explain the strategic ideas behind the Nimzo-Indian Defence, from Black's perspective?

I play the Nimzo. There is no doubt that Anatoly Karpov is one of the best, if not the best, strategic players of all times.. This link is a good point to start. You will find many analyzed games of ...
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Chess book reviews

Jeremy Silman's website contains many chess book reviews:
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Chess book reviews

The Perpetual Chess Podcast has an entire Book Review Series with an organized listing of books reviewed. Coverage includes over 30 books, including a wide variety of book types (tournament books, ...

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