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This move is just awful, period. At the stage you are, there is absolutely no point in exploring how terrible it really is. Work on the cause first, the lack of understanding of fundamental opening principles. Thus, I as your coach, would ask you to forget about 3.b 3 for now and first learn a few opening rules designed for novices. Then play a few games, ...


One should be very careful with the win percentage parameter. Probably here b3 was mostly played by lower-rated players trying to avoid theoretical lines and confuse the higher-rated opponent. Another example of the same fallacy: I don't remember losing in the exchange french with black. Of course, it's not because 3. exd5 exd5 is so great for black, it was ...


Stockfish evaluation is not the only criterion to determine whether a move is sound or not. The main issue with committing so early to 3.b3 (against this particular Black setup) is that there are no downsides to delaying that move. In other words, even if you want to play some setup with b3, there's no reason do it right now. Instead, other moves that ...


There are 3 main reasons for this move to be inaccurate. It doesn't place any pressure on black's position. It weakens c3, allowing black to "force" your knight to the more passive square d2. It removes the Qb3 move, which punishes the early development of black's LSB. All of these allows black to develop more easily and equalize.

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