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Calling it an "inaccuracy" is nothing more than the engine saying that it evaluates the position after one move to be a certain amount better than after another move. It doesn't necessarily mean a move is "bad". Both d-pawns cannot be kept no matter what Black does. After 1...Ne4, if White plays Nxe4, the recapture will leave the c4 ...


My approach: Black stands terrible, and h6 like you suggested is the only chance to muddle waters as a rook line against the white king is opened. And in this variant, I would rather let the Bh3 live for now: It's rather a liability with the pin than the rook giving a plain check. Also, White threatens h6 followed by more pawn moves, which would completely ...


Alex (may he RIP) told me: "Nf3 I can choose whether or not to play d4 and when...if at all. With Nf3 I blackmail the opponent. With white I play for solid advantage and black has to play precisely not be worse. With black it is worth it to play more "dynamically" and take a risk.


Josh says f5 ... Is Josh wrong about f5? Yes, although black's position is terrible in any case. If we look at the initial position and try and assess a number of things are immediately obvious: White has a lot more space All the pieces and all the pawns are still on the board We can also say: White has completed development Black still has several ...

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