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Computers have complex reasons for their move choices, however, in this position there is a simple rationale for exchanging knights. You need to think of two factors: are pieces moving to better (or worse) squares, and tempo (who is to move). In this position, if you play Nxd2, White gets to play Bxd2. So, you keep the move and White improves his bishop ...


You're correct. The idea of 24...a6 is to allow the king to avoid a perpetual. This could be of relevance if Black's queen moves away to go after White's king (e.g., ...Qc5). It could also be useful for the king to hide on a7 if things go haywire and a dangerous attack happens, such as the h-pawn promoting or White's rook getting involved. Although, in the ...


If you have a account you can analyze both games you played yourself there or games you imported. I think currently the limit is 25 of your games played in the site and (not 100% sure) half of that for games you did not play on the site, so either games from other players or ones that you imported. Not sure exactly which stats you want however it ...


BCE (Basic Chess Endings) by Fine was the one I used. It is long out of print. There are some newer books but I can't say which of them might be good now. Also online has the sort of info you want and would be easier to find what you think is good for you.

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