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A beginner's "first game" should be his own game. Newcomers won't really understand the moves that are being made. Sure, you can give him an explanation about why the moves make sense, but you could give a just as convincing one about a game that goes **1.a3 a6 2.h3 h6 3.g4" The only way to experience chess is doing it (and screwing it up) yourself


The suggestion of the "Opera Game" is a good one, but I'm afraid it still might be too advanced for a complete beginner. What might be more suitable would be the elementary games in a beginner's chess manual, of which there are numerous available. These are probably not going to be famous games between well-known players since they would be too ...


Famous games are usually famous because both players are very high level and something unexpected happened, like a bold sacrifice or incredible positional play. While they are useful learning tools, they maybe aren’t what a true beginners very first games will look like. I think illustrating games where one player captures (“om nom nom”, in childspeak) ...


I vote for the Opera Game. It showcases the very basics of strategy (controlling the center, getting the pieces developed ASAP, and attacking the king), and ends with a fantastic combination to force checkmate. This is one of the most well-known games ever played, and it has been covered by nearly everyone online, so you can definitely find a good overview ...

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