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... Bc5 isn't your only option. Both MCO-13 and ECO C[55] (1981) list 4. ... Be7 as the main continuation. In the notes, ECO has h6 as an option, or d5, transposing to a line in the Bishop's opening (C24), after 5. exd5 Nxd5.


[fen ""] [Event "Ding Liren - Giri"] [Site "Wenzhou CHN"] [Date "2017.08.09"] [EventDate "2017.08.08"] [Round "2"] [Result "0-1"] [White "Ding Liren"] [Black "Anish Giri"] [ECO "C50"] [WhiteElo "2777"] [BlackElo "2772"] [PlyCount "90&...

-7 Nxe4 has a 100% win score from that position based on players 2200 up to 2400 at 2500 - 2700 BC5 has best results although about 9% worse than whites result what level is your opponents at ? Personally I play BC5 and gladly let the Max Lange happen. You might want to memorize that one if you let them play that ...


Black could castle, but that doesn't make the king any safer! White could follow with f5 0-0 Qd2, threatening both f6 and Bh6. Anyway even if Black could castle that doesn't make f5 a bad move (the only downside being the e5 square becoming a bit weak)

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