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I haven't played on Chessbase for quite some time, but generally loss on time through disconnect is still a loss and loses rating accordingly. Otherwise too many people would just disconnect, obviously. Lichess punishes people who let the time run out with a ban (after several such incidents), so it might be less of a problem there.


I wonder if there is an accessible data set that lists all players from East and West Germany in the 80's The Olimpbase site has a downloadable zip file of FIDE rating data from 1967 to 2001. It is accessible in the sense that you can download it but the data you want would have to be extracted from the dataset which isn't in an easily readable form. It is ...


I downloaded the latest July 2020 rating list and loaded the data into my database and ran a few queries. First one to show the number of players who played standard, rapid or blitz per federation sorted by standard players descending. I also included the number of active players in the federation to give an idea of which federations were more active. I ...

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