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There is no way you can do this, at least from the options available on Lichess. However, I've put up a Tampermonkey script that hides all draw offers such that you have no way to see or accept them: // ==UserScript== // @name Lichess - Hide Draw Offers // @match* // ==/UserScript== (function() { 'use strict'; var ...


As already mentioned by theonlygusti, the actual issue is that the draw offer and the takeback request look identical and are located right in the same spot. It already happened to me multiple times that my opponent requested a takeback with the intention to trick me to clicking accept right when it turns into a draw offer. The first time i didnt consider ...


You can't. If your opponent offer you a draw, it means that he already know and understand all the moves you can make to win. If you take it, it means that you accept your inability to force a victory (to surrender) using another strategy


You can't. You can disable takebacks though. If you don't play games long enough with enough time to read what is being asked, perhaps you should accept mouseslips as part of the game.


I suspect you are looking for OpeningTree


You are quite right Nxe4 makes no sense. However Nxd5 does because then Qxd8 ends up losing 4 pieces for a queen: [fen "1r1q1rk1/5pbp/3pbnp1/1p1Np1B1/1p1nP3/P1N2P2/2P1B1PP/R2Q1RK1 b - - 0 1"] 1...Nxd5 2. Bxd8 Nxc3 3. Qd2 Ncxe2+ 4. Kh1 Rfxd8 However if white doesn't take the queen and instead plays the next most obvious move, taking the knight ...

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