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It's likely a draw. After going through a few lines (which strengthens the transposition table), Stockfish 11 at around depth 42 gave me 0.74 in the starting position. Especially in such a simplified endgame, this shouldn't be enough for White to claim a win. I also set it to White to move in the starting position. Some variations I analyzed with Stockfish: ...


Stockfish on depth-22 states that the position is +1.41 for White. However, eventually if Black gets rid of every pawn but the h-pawn, it's a wrong rook pawn draw.


Compare this to professional team sports (soccer, American football, hockey, basketball). In general, the offense is trying to score and the defense is trying to prevent scoring. The objectives of the game are clear. When the game is over, everyone knows who won. However, there are lots of subtleties. The precise spacing and movement and coordination of the ...


I believe the following is a simplification of an improvisation of the full accurate answer that is too hard to figure out. Chess is a very complex game. Even without the 50 move rule or 3 fold repetition rule, figuring out for any possible state that can occur in a legal game which moves force a draw and which ones force a win requires a very large number ...

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