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Creating chess engine, machine learning vs. traditional engine?

In wake of AlphaZero's crushing performance against Stockfish last year, I am considering whether I should create this engine with machine learning (some type of neural network, possibly using ...
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How to train an efficiently updatable neural network (NNUE)?

Maybe the following is too basic for you, but I decided to respond anyway: Chess engine procedures and apps related to NNUE or other approaches in engine learning are mostly published in Github ...
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Changing the FEN position color

Here is another approach. It uses the python chess library to flip the side to move via a null move, which also removes the e.p. square if there is. I also added a condition that the side to move is ...
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is it possible to download pgn from view.livechesscloud links

I couldn't find a tool to get pgns. If the tournament is broadcasted on lichess, or then getting the pgn wouldn't be an issue. But not all tournaments end up there. However I ...
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Changing the FEN position color

As noted in comments, all that needs to be done is replace the single character that represents the color to go next with it's "opposite", i.e. 'b' -> 'w' or 'w' -> 'b'. Also, the OP ...
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