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I used this CQL query to find such positions: cql(input Mega_Database_2022.pgn) flipcolor { pinningPieces = pin from A pinnedPieces = pin through a line --> pin from A --> { wtm mate pin from A == pinningPieces pin through a != pinnedPieces } } ...


I would rather not even play 17.Nd5, but go 17.d4!, kicking the bishop back, and then continued with Nd5. If Anderssen planned on sacrificing, he has already made it clear by the previous move (Nd5 -> Bd6). Holding back after the sacrifice on b2 would be illogical.


18.Bd6 is indeed winning. All of the suggested refutations simply delay the inevitable loss for black and the coordination of the bishops and knights is stunning. Let's look at the possible refutation, 18. ...Qxa1 19. Ke2 Qb2 20.Kd2 is the only winning move here. It keeps the king in safety and maintains that white has a winning attack. Black must accept the ...


I located the game in my personal reference database, Chessbases Mega Databases as well as 3 online databases. In all databases the game presented as follows; [Event "Pamplona-A 18th"] [Site "Pamplona"] [Date "2008.??."] [Round "4"] [White "Meijers, Viesturs"] [Black "Reinaldo Castineira, Roi"] [...

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