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Questions related to the Japanese-American Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura.

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Is wearing headphones during chess games against the rules in FIDE and

Recently Vladimir Kramnik accused Hikaru Nakamura of cheating in online chess. He Tweeted : "It is impossible to imagine a player to be allowed to wear headphones during a game of chess." Or ...
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Hikaru on chess960: Have there been more Najdorf or Dragon games in the past decade?

From Wikipedia: Hikaru in 2014 on chess960: (emphasis added) I think chess960 is great as it is simply pure intuition and understanding without theory or computers. In my opinion, a lot depends on ...
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Erenburg vs Nakamura 2004

Did Erenburg operated a winning exchange sacrifice vs Nakamura in the Reykjavik 2004 game , Sicilian Najdorf opening ? Or could Nakamura have defended the position ? I analyzed the following position ...
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Does "juicer" mean bishop?

I watch many videos of Hikaru Nakamura and I hear very often the term "juicer." Is it a slang word to refer to the bishop?
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Why does Hikaru Nakamura avoid Carlsen? [closed]

I like watching Hikaru's youtube videos. His commentary on the games is very descriptive, unlike other players that stay quiet for most of the game. Hikaru's always talking, letting you know what's ...
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Popularity of the Scotch Game

I was looking back at a game played between Hikaru Nakamura and Magnus Carlsen at the 2017 London Chess Classics in which Hikaru employed the Scotch game and played very creatively getting a winning ...
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Why sacrificing a pawn was more preferable over more materialistic moves in Nakamura vs Ding in Altibox Norway Chess 2018?

Why sacrificing a pawn in this situation, 19... h5 is slightly more preferable by engine over more materialistic g6 or Kh8? This is in fact what Ding chose to play actually. Obviously, this is to ...
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