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Video of Anand vs Kasparov from 1996

Where can I find a video of Anand vs Kasparov played at 1996 Las Palmas. There is a mention of it in this ChessBase article: At this point Kasparov went into a deep think. Jan Timman started to ...
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What is an "ugly" move?

In the video "ugly defense", GM Grigoyan called the move Knight g3-h1 an "ugly move", though objectively speaking, Nh1 may be the best move for white in this position. [fen "...
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Reference request: Books/Video series on prophylaxis

I would like to imitate the prophylactic playing style of Aron Nimzowitsch, Tigran Petrosian and/or Anatoly Karpov. May I know if there are any books/video series that you would recommend?
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Are there videos of the highly-skilled fast online players (e.g. GM Andrew Tang) showing their mouse skills?

It's impressive watching players like GM Andrew Tang play ultra bullet and puzzle rush at super-fast speeds without it being a complete mess. I'm curious as to how they do it. When I try, I ...
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Advanced video chess lectures

Could you recommend any video lessons online? I know STL Chess Club on YouTube and I am looking for something similar for 2000+ FIDE players.
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Why does Hikaru Nakamura avoid Carlsen? [closed]

I like watching Hikaru's youtube videos. His commentary on the games is very descriptive, unlike other players that stay quiet for most of the game. Hikaru's always talking, letting you know what's ...
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What is it like to be a Twitch chess streamer? [closed]

I want to make a Twitch stream channel with my friend, and I want to know what the experience is like. Can explain it better to me or share their knowledge and experience?
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How can I improve my knowledge of pawn structure theory?

What resources (books, videos, websites) are there to help me improve my understanding of pawn structures?
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Why are Mato Jelic's Youtube chess videos so popular? [closed]

As in title above, why are Mato Jelic's Youtube chess videos so popular? I like them a lot, but I must confess that I am a bit surprised (not unhappy, just surprised), to see nearly millions of views ...
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Android apps to create chess videos [closed]

Are there any free Android apps to create chess videos? They must allow us to draw arrows on the board, highlighting squares or pieces as we discuss the game.
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