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Questions tagged [chess-ai]

Questions related to computer chess that involve artificial intelligence (e.g. machine learning).

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What are some of the books that cover the theme of chess preparation using Artificial Intelligence & chess engines

Came across the book Game Changer by Matthew Sadler and Natasha Regan on AlphaZero’s discoveries and opportunities using AI in chess. What are the other books on the same theme?
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Are there Chess AIs that factor in moves’ practicality for humans?

Sometimes Chess engines identify the best move as a move that’s mathematically the best but would be difficult for a novice/intermediate to pull off because it must be followed up by a specific, ...
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Training data retrieval

I am currently developing a chess engine which uses minimax algorithm to evaluate chess positions. In addition to this I want to improve my current static evaluation with reinforcement learning. I ...
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How do I test my static evaluation function?

I am programming a basic chess AI, within it I have my evaluation function. It is simple, only uses piece square table values, and does basic calculations for the pawn structure and king safety. How ...
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A different hashing algorithm for chess positions

This is not a question, it is a curious discovery I wanted to share The most common hashing algorithm in chess programming is, I believe, Zobrist hashing. However, I may have found a different way of ...
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Searching games by chess positions

I have a somewhat weird question that is only indirectly related to chess. I am trying to solve a chess-related puzzle in which I have to find games played by Soviet chess players based on positions. ...
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What is the fastest way of generating a list of all attacked squares?

I have generated pseudo-legal moves, and now need to check if they are legal. I believe the fastest way of doing this is comparing the kings position to a bitboard or list of all attacked squares, and ...
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Help with Negamax using transposition table

I've recently been improving my Negamax algorithm for chess, adding a transposition table. The algorithm was working well before this addition. After this addition I can't see no big improvements in ...
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How to ask an AI engine to test this chess variant?

I would like to use an AI engine to test how well the following chess variant would work: The rules are as in usual chess, except Castling is not possible; instead, the next rule takes its place: ...
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Does a reinforcement learning style model actually need to be combined with a search algo to produce the best moves?

I have recently been studying up on Machine Learning based chess engines and have begun to develop one of my own. I was wondering, realistically, doesn't the board technically contain all of the data ...
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How to program Ruthlessly Aggressive Chess AI?

For the past few months, I have been experimenting with Stockfish with the goal of making the AI more fun to play against. Stockfish is obviously a very powerful Chess AI but it plays very ...
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How to compare Stockfish move preference every 1000 nodes

I would like to test how Stockfish or other Engines change their moves and evaluations as the number of nodes increases. Is there a way to run Stockfish (or another engine) and force it to output its ...
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6 answers

Why don’t chess engines use Node.js?

I agree that this might look like a question that Google has the answer to, but I could not find the answer. C++ is a language that many chess engines are built on, like Stockfish and Leela Chess Zero,...
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Has Explainable AI been applied to the endgame tablebases?

There's an ongoing trend towards building 'Explainable' AI so that not just the results of a decision process are generated, but also some form of human-readable explanation for it. The Wikipedia ...
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Bitboard chess engine design

What are the best approaches to designing a chess engine? What classes/structures should it have? How are they connected to each other? I'm building a chess engine but I often find myself overwhelmed. ...
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How can a check evasion move generation algorithm be done efficiently?

In my chess engine, I'm attempting to create a strictly legal move generator, instead of generating pseduo-legal moves, then discarding them later in the search and evaluation phase. So far, here is ...
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Features for evaluation a position

I am programming a (relatively basic) chess engine: while it is a lot of fun, it is also an interesting way to improve my chess skills! In order to evaluate a position, I need to extract features from ...
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Can I download early versions of Leela chess zero?

I want to play weaker versions of Leela. It would be good to play some really early versions of the net. Is there a repository available where I can download them?
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How is AlphaZero defferent from Stockfish?

Obviously one is better than the other and AlphaZero uses machine learning and all, but what is the real reason for their different style of play? Given a position, both evaluate the next best move ...
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What is the opening value of 1. e4 in 2020?

Bobby Fischer: e4 -- best by test. What is the current theory or trend in theory behind this statement? We have seen huge strides taken in chess AI in the past two years. How is this affecting ...
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Minimax algorithm - Play with Black pieces?

Motivation: I am trying to make a basic AI agent that can play chess against an opponent. The goal is to see how good it can become through the use of machine learning later on and also learn the ...
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Why bother with human chess when AI is superior? [closed]

Before I get to my question couple things to get out of the way: This question is a sensitive subject. But I assure you that I'm not a troll, I have deep respect for your community. It is my first ...
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Why do we increase depth of search for a mate detection in alpha beta pruning?

I was following a tutorial for making a chess engine and in that, while writing the alpha beta pruning function the tutorial before checking for all possible moves generated , checks weather the ...
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Could chess puzzles change with the introduction of stronger engines?

Something I've noticed is even older chess puzzles never seem to age, somehow they even seem more masterful and demanding then the puzzles created today, but what if the solution for a puzzle is ...
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