Does anyone know of a (free) program which could be used to organize a bughouse chess tournament?

Where in each round the partner you have would change. (With the basic idea to put a good and 'less good' player in the same team.) The good player would be defined as the one with the most bughouse team wins.

Or how should I try to manage such a tournament? Any ideas?


There is no pairing program which can do what you want. No program exists to change the partners every round according to the previous results. Pairing programs also try and avoid pairing players or teams which have played before.

Exactly how the partners would vary and how you would decide who had played whom is not clearly defined in your system. Your idea needs more work.

  • What kind of pairing (software) would you use for a bughouse chess tournament? – dietervdf Sep 27 '18 at 22:27
  • If the partners are fixed (the most sensible option) then any Swiss pairing program will do. The Vega program (vegachess.com/tl/index.php/Home_page_English.html) is excellent. It is free on Linux and free on Windows for up to 30 players. – Brian Towers Sep 27 '18 at 22:53

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