I would appreciate if somebody could recommend a good swiss pairing program. I'd prefer online version with multi-language option and free version but cheap one is also good.

I've found http://www.free-swiss.com/ but do you know other ones?

  • I'm not sure how it works and if it's free, but many tournaments use chess-results.com to report results and pairings. – TMM Jul 4 '17 at 2:05

My club uses Swiss Manager. It is very good but not cheap. 150 euros for the full version, 75 euros for the light. It is perhaps worth looking at what it does to get ideas if you are thinking of writing your own.

One I downloaded some time ago but still haven't got round to playing (so I can't give any recommendation) is OSwiss which is a project on Sourceforge.

  • thank you, @Brian Towers, I'm not planning to write a new. One of my friends is looking for a good pairing software (mainly in Hungarian) and only if I can't find one then maybe, alternatively, I'll help with creating one in Hungarian – harcos Feb 19 '15 at 22:33
  • @harcos Swiss Manager is available in Hungarian amongst a lot of languages. The light version supports up to 60 players and 11 rounds. Maybe that would be good enough for your friend? The one criticism I've heard of SM is that manual pairings (2 players are going to be late for the 1st round so you want to pair them against each other for example) are difficult. You can do them but it is not straightforward. You have to read the manual ;-) – Brian Towers Feb 20 '15 at 9:36

SWIPS is also online tool for managing tournaments. It includes much more than just a swiss system and round robin, but you can use it solely for that purpose if you want.

Right now its free, available languages are English and Slovak.


An offline alternative is Vegachess, which it is also homologated by FIDE. AFAIK Vegachess just uses javafo as its pairing engine. Linux version of vegachess is free to use and Windows version not very expensive.


E2-E4 online pairing program is now available for everyone. Previously it was used organizers for pairing and to show results in a real time in Russia - chessresults.ru project.

This program can be used on any kind of devices, but especially it designed for mobile devices. Arbiters/trainers with tablets can manage chess tournament much more effectively and faster.

There are three pairing systems: Swiss (based on JaVaFo), Round-robin and Manual. To figure out all features, its better to see documentation which isn't ready yet, but this lack will disappear soon. And if someone wants to translate program to your own language, so you are welcome :)


You can try new site https://swisssystem.org/ This is JaVaFo-based service. Maximum players count is 200. This is only beta. Author replied quickly.

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