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Bughouse is a chess variant played by two teams using multiple boards. The players on a team are assigned alternating colors. Captured pieces are not dead but are instead passed between team-mates.

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What engine & setup can I use to analyze a Bughouse position from a single board only (one board), taking into account the pieces in hand?

I have looked at the Sjeng and the website and the answers in the other page. This is not quite a Crazyhouse equivalent analysis, due to the capture mechanics. The pages are very ...
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Is bughouse a win for a team with excess time?

In bughouse it is a huge advantage during the game to have more time on your clocks than your opponents. So I wonder what happens if one team starts with a time advantage (from now on called the time ...
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How do I proceed in this opening as black in BugHouse?

I play bughouse pretty often, but I often end up in the following position (as black). [FEN ""] 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Bc5 4. Bxf7+ Kxf7 5. d3 Nf6 6. Ng5+ In normal chess, it's pretty ...
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Are there any official rules for Bughouse?

I came across this question - Formal rules for two-player bughouse without a clock - which asks if there is a formal way of breaking deadlock situations where one player on each side doesn't want to ...
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Hosting bughouse server for local competition?

I'm interested in running a local competition for bughouse engines. What chess server software can I use to run the games? The most relevant question I found was but the answer is almost 4 years old. ...
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Setting up BugHouse on my computer

I want to have a setup on my computer to play BugHouse with three engine. One engine would be my partner and the other two would be the opposing team. How can I setup such a scenario? I use Linux but ...
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In Bughouse can you claim a draw if the position on the board repeated three times but the pieces available to place were different?

In Bughouse chess can you make a triple occurrence draw claim if the position on the board has been repeated three times but the pieces available to the players to place were different each time?
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Is targeting the f7/f2 square in bughouse a good rule of thumb?

In Bughouse, players often target the f2/f7 square; it is common to see a minor sack on f7, followed by a knight on g5 delivering check and breaching through the opponent's defenses. I recently ...
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Crazyhouse Chess: Playing with a real board and overall popularity?

Played a decent amount of bughouse but only started with crazyhouse a month or less ago. Although on the surface very similar games, I would say they are fundamentally different because there is no ...
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Bughouse chess tournament pairing software?

Does anyone know of a (free) program which could be used to organize a bughouse chess tournament? Where in each round the partner you have would change. (With the basic idea to put a good and 'less ...
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What's a fun troll bughouse opening?

I have been playing e3, Ke2, Kd3 openings in the bughouse chess variation on I got to 1800 pretty easily. I'm looking for other openings to play. As a side note, pushing down a4-a5-a6 is ...
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What is the best way to improve Crazyhouse or Bughouse skills?

I have been playing Chess variants for a while now, and I would like to know how to improve my skills in bughouse and crazyhouse. Does anyone have any tips or strategies that would apply to either? ...
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Formal rules for two-player bughouse without a clock

I would like to know what are the formal rules for two-player bughouse without a clock. I'd like to think of each team as a single player. It seems to me that bughouse chess works primarily because of ...
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Bughouse sitting/stalling full strategic breakdown

We play with the rule one loses -> the team loses. My cheesy titled question is serious: let's try to wrap our heads around the Bughouse clock mechanics. When should one consider sitting/stalling? I ...
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Is 1. Nf3 good for white in bughouse?

When my friends and I play Bughouse, a very common opening we play is 1. Nf3 Nf6, 2. Ng5 Ng4, 3. Nxf7 Nxf2, 4. Nxd8 Nxd1 . [FEN ""] 1. Nf3 Nf6 2. Ng5 Ng4 3. Nxf7 Nxf2 4. Nxd8 Nxd1 Is this ...
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Is short castling dangerous in Bughouse?

When I play Bughouse, I see that, every single time after a castling, petty sacrifices can easily be break the wall that surrounds the king,Therefore, is it really worth castling, especially short ...
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Bughouse rating formula

Is there rating formula like ELO but for bughouse chess?
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Bughouse chess strategies

Are there any nice strategies for Bughouse? I wish for advice on opening and how to win. I have not found anything good on the web.
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Where to play online Bughouse Chess

As far as I can tell the main sites I use like,, and do not support bughouse. Is there a popular place to play online somewhere? It would also like to have the ...
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Is there any bughouse android app?

I want to play bughouse with my friend against other players, is there any android app that lets me team up with my friend and play bughouse? preferably at our own pace, not the the fast bughouse ...
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Does playing bughouse have any benefits on your chess game?

I've heard that it helps your tactical skills, but can a chess variant really help you in tactics more than simply playing standard chess.
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Bughouse defense patterns

What defensive patterns and structures are used in Bughouse and Crazyhouse? I've heard that castling is rarely useful, but what should be done instead? My defensive play usually boils down to huddling ...
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Are there any bughouse chess engines?

A friend told me its very hard to implement a bughouse chess engine because it requires much more processor power than a regular chess engine. Are there any bughouse engines out there ? if not, what ...
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Crazyhouse/Bughouse openings

Are there any known or "standard" openings in bughouse or crazyhouse chess? Obviously, as soon as pieces start coming off the board things get less predictable, so this question is less about the ...
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