Where can I find a video of Anand vs Kasparov played at 1996 Las Palmas. There is a mention of it in this ChessBase article:

At this point Kasparov went into a deep think. Jan Timman started to speculate whether White couldn’t play the very forceful 20.g4. Kasparov’s second Yury Dokhoian immediately confirmed: “That’s what he’s looking at!” Yury understands Kasparov’s thinking better than anyone else in the world.

Meanwhile White had played 20.Bd5. The game lasted six hours, Anand defended very tenaciously and at around 10 p.m., much to the disappointment of Kasparov, a draw was agreed.

When he left the stage Garry came into the press room, spotted me and walked straight over. “I couldn't win it, could I, Fred?” he asked, with a troubled look on his face. It was a bit shocking: the world champion and best player of all times consulting a chess amateur, asking for an evaluation of the game he has just spent six hours on!

Naturally Garry wasn't asking me, he was asking Fritz. He knew I would have been following the game with the computer. “Yes, you had a win, Garry. With 20.g4!” My answer vexed him deeply. “But I saw that! It didn't work. How does it work? Show me.” I could not dictate all the lines, but then Yury walked over. Garry and Anand listened in horror while he gave them all the critical lines. All of this was captured on video and published in ChessBase Magazine 56

Also, from the same article:

Yury Dokhoian checking the 20.g4 line with Fritz in real time during the game, Kasparov and Anand analyse after six hours of play [video grabs from the CBM 56 multimedia report].

This implies that there is definitely a video of this somewhere, but I was unable to find it.

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This video was recorded by Chessbase and released with their Magazine 56 (stated here https://en.chessbase.com/post/remembering-yury).

So I guess you have to get your hands on this magazine for the video. You can try to contact Chessbase, maybe they will give you a link to the video, as it is quite old now.

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