The FIDE Handbook has a section called Regulations on Seminars & Title Award for Organizers where it describes what you need to do to get the FIDE International Organizer title. It says:

Scope / Mission: To get the FIDE licence for the organisation of FIDE, Continental and International tournaments.

Now, I know that the title is not a requirement to organize a low level FIDE rated tournament because I have done so in my club along with another player who also has no organizer title.

My question is: is it a requirement for high level tournaments and if so, where is the border between requiring the title and not needing it?

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It looks like the answer is "No" because Arkady Dvorkovich, who has no organizer title, was the chief organizer for the FIDE Grand Prix Series Riga- 2019, FIDE Grand Prix Series Riga- 2019 Blitz Tie-breaks and FIDE Grand Prix Series 2019 Rapid Tie-breaks tournaments.

However there is an additional paid position for "FIDE World Events" called a "FIDE Technical Director". The role is described here.

  1. FIDE Technical Director (FTD) is the overall observer of a FIDE World Event
  2. The FIDE Technical Director FTD is appointed by FIDE and must be a licensed International Organizer
  3. Main duties of the FIDE Technical Director"
    • To be responsible for the communication with the Organizer after the approval and circulation of the tournament regulations.
    • To check before the start of the competition if the organization adheres to FIDE standards.
    • To check if the Organizer provides to the participants the conditions offered in the bid and described in the event invitation.
    • To be contacted by the National Federations as the FIDE Representative.
    • To ensure the contact of the competitions according to FIDE rules and regulations
    • By the end of the competition to send his report to FIDE including and comparing the final evaluation with the bid-evaluation.
  4. Organizer provides the following conditions to the FIDE Technical Director:
    • Single room (FB- 3 meals) 2 days before the start of the competition till departure
    • Air-travel expenses & transportation to the venue
  5. FIDE pays to the FIDE Technical Director the stipend in accordance with the Financial Guidelines for the Technical Officials.

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