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For questions related to the Glicko-2 rating system, an improvement on the original Glicko system. Consider tagging your question with [rating] as well.

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Is there any (free) online tool for calculating Glicko-2 ratings after a game?

I am looking for a tool where I can input the Glicko-2 ratings of 2 players and the result of the match (1–0, 0–1 or draw). Also, the rest of the Glicko-2 parameters, i.e., each player’s rating ...
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Should I calculate the ratings match-by-match or batch of matches?

I'm looking to implement a Glicko 2 library in my application. However the two libraries I'm considering are different. Firstly, they produce slightly different results for the same dataset (the ...
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Can one feasibly calculate the Glicko rating of a player by just using a pen, a paper and a calculator?

I calculate the informal Elo ratings of a small pool of players (~10-15 in number) of whom I'm a member, using a scientific calculator. Can I do the same with the Glicko rating system, feasibly? (I'd ...
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7 votes
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Are there any (free) programs that utilize Chessmetrics or Glicko-2?

I'm looking for a program that is capable of keeping track of player ratings while taking in the game data and hopefully outputting rankings based upon those ratings in some form. I've found ELORater, ...
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15 votes
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Glicko-2 Rating System: Bug or exploit?

I originally had this posted on Stack Overflow as it could be a bug in the implementations, but some suggested I post to math. I just found this Stack Exchange, and I thought who better? Some of you ...
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