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The Glicko is a chess rating system. It is similar to the Elo system currently used by the USCF but takes into account the quality of the rating itself. It is considered to more closely approximate a player's strength than the USCF Elo system, at a cost of some complexity.

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Rating system (glicko, elo, etc): is 'predict the outcome of games' the same thing as 'reduce the number of upsets'?

From Lichess page 'Chess rating systems': Question: Which rating system is best? Answer: The purpose of rating systems is to predict the outcome of games. Therefore, they can be objectively better ...
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Why is 'Elo' sometimes capitalised to 'ELO'? [closed]

Why is 'Elo' as in Elo rating system sometimes capitalised to 'ELO' when it's a last name and not an acronym? I notice people don't say GLICKO, for example. Some (heavily downvoted) reddit posts: ...
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Is it possible to measure play strength by analysing games of a player?

I am thinking on a way, most ideally on a software tool, what could get one of more games of a player, analise them, and gives an estimate on his play strength (as Elo/Glicko rating). Is it possible? ...
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Can one feasibly calculate the Glicko rating of a player by just using a pen, a paper and a calculator?

I calculate the informal Elo ratings of a small pool of players (~10-15 in number) of whom I'm a member, using a scientific calculator. Can I do the same with the Glicko rating system, feasibly? (I'd ...
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How does Lichess rating compare to USCF? [duplicate]

Just wondering some examples of peoples' USCF rating to Lichess (classic lichess, 10 min+) I know it's hard to compare different pools of players. But I think that considering how we do polling with ...
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Ranking systems that take into account the size of the victory

I run competitions, not in chess, but my question relates to chess Ranking systems, and will give an example of the issue I face. Game 1: Alice scores 5, Bob 4, Chris 3. I use the glicko-2 and elo ...
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How do FIDE rated players perform on lichess?

I have been playing on lichess for a while and it strikes me how low ratings are compared to other rating systems. This is not to say that players are weaker, I have quite the opposite feeling, but ...
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Why does FIDE still use Elo?

I've been impressed with the way the Glicko rating system works. In particular: more games played recently cause your rating to stabilize fewer games played recently cause your rating to fluctuate ...
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