I'm struggling to find information on this chess tournament. It's listed on FIDE's website (link):

Asian Zonal 3.3, Tagaytay, Philippines, 24 Feb 2017 to 6 Mar 2016

I'd be interested in playing in this tournament, but my federation is Australia and I don't know if I'm eligible.

Question: Who is eligible to play in the 2017 FIDE Asian Zonal 3.3 in Tagaytay, Philippines?


That tournament is for federations in zone 3.3 (basically SE-Asia and Japan). Australia is in zone 3.6. So you could only play at the Asian zonal 3.6 in Auckland.

  • Thank you. (I'm thinking of playing in the New Zealand one, but the Philippines sounded more tempting. I don't really understand the zonal system.) Nov 17 '16 at 10:27
  • Having had a look at the participants of the 2015 zonal for zone 3.6, I was surprised to see quite some low rated players (down to ratings of 1300 and unrated players). Also there were quite a few more players from Australia than just 5. That's why I removed all that text above and only left what is definitely true, that you can only play in zonal 3.6. Nov 17 '16 at 22:06

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