The following Python code gives the best move in coordinate notation:

import chess
import chess.engine
sfEngineTxt = "E:\Chess\Stockfish\stockfish_14_x64_modern"
sfEngine = chess.engine.SimpleEngine.popen_uci(sfEngineTxt)
sfInfo = sfEngine.analyse(chess.Board(), chess.engine.Limit(depth=11), info=chess.engine.INFO_ALL)
moveArray = sfInfo['pv']
moveTxt1 = str(moveArray[0])

This outputs e2e4. What I want is e4, I.e. algebraic notation or san notation.

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There is Board.san() which gives you the algebraic notation. You can check the docs here.

You will need a Board object for it.

import chess

board = chess.Board()
move = chess.Move.from_uci("e2e4")
# Output: e4

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