I listed some books on eBay but had little interest (few pageviews/few bids etc.) meaning that I would make an untenable loss on them (I'm not selling them for profit, but I want a reasonable price for them).

I've sold other products on eBay before, so I'm not after advise on how to sell more effectively there. My question is, what are the 'best' (i.e. most profitable) ways to sell chess books online?

  • I think ebay is fine. I've bought a lot of chess books on there in the last year or so. I tend to buy only lots, unless I'm looking for a specific title. The main reason I will pass on bidding, is when the lot consists of several unrelated subjects or openings. – Herb Wolfe Jan 28 '18 at 14:08

If you live in the UK I would suggest the English Chess Forum. They have a "For Sale" thread. That way you are advertising to a dedicated audience. If you live in another country I would suggest you look for an equivalent forum in your country.

I would add that opening books devalue very quickly. A 10 year old opening book probably has value as a doorstop or paperweight only, unless it is a rare ancient first edition.


I sold mine on Craigslist and for an acceptable price given their age. I named my price and took nothing less.

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