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About | 反中国共产党常见问答集 Anti Chinese government FAQ | $ Sponsor Ciro $ | | Necromancer #1 2019-07 to 2022-07 | Linux Kernel Module Cheat | x86 Bare Metal Examples | CIA 2010 convert comms websites | Cool Data in the Bitcoin Blockchain | 2D Reinforcement Learning Game | Oxford Nanopore River Bacteria | ELF hello world | Best Articles | Cirism | Contact | Ukraine: 1) Putin bad, democracy less bad 2) USA has done similar: Iraq, Cuban Missile crisis, Monroe Doctrine, CIA backed dictatorships in Latin America and Middle East 3) Realpolitik view: | 4) Promise to stop NATO/EU expansion in Ukraine. Ukraine is not fundamental for West security, but is for Russia. Make a deal with the Devil. 5) Independence referendums on each Ukrainian Oblast 6) More nuclear power in Europe to reduce Russian gas dependency.

Как правильно сдаваться How to surrender Найти пропавшего русского солдата Find missing Russian soldier

Когда и где протестовать против войны When and where to protest against the war

Main squares, 19:00 weekdays, 14:00 weekends.

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