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Scott Weldon
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Professional software engineer. Free, Libre, & Open Source Software fan. Automate all the things! I live in Emacs (as much as possible).

Have my answers helped you? The most important thing you can do is upvote useful answers, and, if the answer is for your question and solves your problem, accept the answer. If you see a problem with one of my answers, feel free to edit it or leave a comment.

If you've done all that and want to do more, here's how you can support me financially:

  • Become a patron on Patreon
  • (Eventually I'll add more methods here, at least including Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Maybe even specific addresses for my most popular answers? If you have any specific requests here, feel free to send an email to stackoverflow AT scott-weldon DOT com.)

You can also hire me on an consulting basis, whether that be for software development in general, or e.g. to help troubleshoot a Git problem that isn't a good fit for a Stack Overflow question. See the website for Weldon Software, or send an email to sales AT weldonsoftware DOT io.

How to contact me:

  • For help with the site (but not answering your question): stackoverflow AT scott-weldon DOT com
  • To talk about an open source project I run or contribute to: open-source AT scott-weldon DOT com
  • To hire me: work AT scott-weldon DOT com. Be sure to check out my Developer Story!
  • For anything else: contact AT scott-weldon DOT com
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