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On 6/6/2022, the MSE "moderators" suspended my account for a day. The stated reason was that I had answered 2 questions that were of "low quality."

It is strictly opinion as to what constitutes a "low quality" question. And so, I find it quite ironic that on a math website, a person who has contibuted by answering more that 5,000 questions would be suspended for a reason that has no rigorous or quantifiable measure.

In more than 7 years of active participation, I have found the nature of both the moderators and the types of questions has changed dramatically. And in my opinion, both are of "lower quality." This is not a generalized statement. Some posted questions and some of the moderators are of "high quality." Oh, the irony is amusing indeed.

I have a PhD (specializing in Electromagnetic Field Theory) and an MBA from The University of Chicago (specializing in Analytic Finance). I was a professor for seven years where my research focus was on electromagnetics of stratified media.

I left academics 20 years ago to pursue a career in Sales and Trading and was the Managing Partner of an advisory firm. Recently, I was also a Director at a large professional services firm.

My LinkedIn page is here

You may contact me at [email protected]

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