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Is it permitted to stare at a blank chessboard during a tournament game?
Accepted answer
17 votes

FIDE rules 12.3a and 6.14 are relevant to this situation. The former rule is vague, but the latter strongly suggests it is allowed. Let's take a look. Rule 12.3a 12.3a During play the players ...

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What are some examples of promoting a pawn to a rook or bishop?
10 votes

There are a number of examples from international level games on this page: Practical Underpromotion Here I have copied some of the more interesting ones. Vasuikov - Tukmakov, Erevan 1976 [FEN "8/...

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What to consider before making a move?
2 votes

I usually consider the following things before making a move: Which squares is this piece controlling now and which squares would it control from its new position? Which pieces is it defending now ...

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