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Twisted Code
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  • I started with Python (hence my avatar), and have a beginner's working knowledge of C/C++, Java, and C#/.NET. Also trying to learn Lua as of November 2022.
  • I chose this display name because I wanted a user handle that summarized two of my outstanding personality traits: I'm not normal, and in fact consider the concept of normal to be "overrated" (twisted), and I love programming (code). It's a bit antiquated and definitely redundant in the case of stack overflow, but I use it everywhere at this point.
  • Please be advised, I have a bad habit of jumping straight to asking questions without sufficient effort to doing my own research. If I end up help vamping, please feel free to call me out on it, but I'd prefer you refrain from downvoting for this reason except as a last resort. I'd rather you let me know what search terms or other research methods you tried because often times I actually did do a search and just miss the obvious keywords! What can I say, I'm blond!
  • oh, and I'm quadriplegic. My ability to code is not inhibited much thanks to such applications as Dragon NaturallySpeaking, but it does account for some of my typographical challenges.
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