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Can playing blindfold chess be learned or is it a natural skill?
11 votes

I just want to share what I am doing now to improve my blindfold chess visualization skill. I downloaded a dozen of minigames of 10 to 15 moves in PGN format from , then I load it ...

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Open Ruy Lopez for Black
5 votes

Why are you looking for video? How about looking for a game? Checkout then search for Open Ruy Lopez ECO code to look for games won by black. It will show you how black piece should ...

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I blunder too much on wooden sets?
5 votes

Same here, I had trouble playing with actual wooden chess before, especially with real chess clocks. The solution is to engage yourself in chess by playing in actual chess games. Join to local chess ...

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What are some good middle game plans or strategies?
3 votes

In addition to Wes answer, try also to play and examine the games of chess grand masters. By watching their games you can get a bunch of ideas on how they perform an attack. Check out these sites: ...

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What is the earliest possible age to start teaching children how to play chess?
2 votes

In some countries, chess is a part of school subjects. According to research, students who started to play chess got a higher IQ. is a wonderful chess site dedicated to kids.

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How many games should one play online per day or week?
1 votes

As a regular player I stick with 10 to 15 daily games of 3days per move. I do not play greater than 15 games as I cannot concentrate on it. I suggest stick only with games that you can ...

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