Shreesha Hegde

People who know me, know very well that I'm awesome and also a narcissist. I love theoretical physics. Currently I'm doing my undergrad in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. I'm not only a grade A nerd, but I excel at sports as well. I play football and am a die hard fan of Real Madrid. I am also a good athlete. I am what I call, an optimistic nihilist. I'm an atheist too. I believe in science only. I believe there are things the meager human brains can't understand and there is no need to fill that gap with religion and god. I hate reading. All of my knowledge comes from logical self-learning, formal classroom learning, online or listening to someone. Fun facts: 1)I am horrible at spellings 2)I can't read clocks all that well. Takes me around 30 secs to tell time

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