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Is it improper etiquette to ask your opponent what his/her rating is before the game?
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26 votes

Yesterday, I played a tournament match, and at the table next to me the guy asked his opponent for his rating. “I don’t really know...” was the reply, “about 1580, I think. And yours?” “Euhm... about ...

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What are the ideas of 6. Qf3 in the Scotch?
5 votes

I only see three alternative moves to defend the f2 square: 6.Be3 Bxe3 7.fxe3 results in doubled isolated center pawns, not something I would like to play with. 6.Qd2 and 6.Qe2 block the bishops. I ...

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How respectable is the CM title?
2 votes

Many informative answers have been given, but to answer the real question: The readers are supposed to be beginners or amateurs or even chess enthusiast that do not really play chess. The answers ...

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Recommended master games for teaching chess
2 votes

Try to get a copy of the old Chessmaster XI (or any version). It has a training section with Josh Waitzkin that I liked a lot. It has games sorted by theme. I assume a google search for famous chess ...

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