Peter Birdsall

Peter Birdsall


Reliable, creative, adaptive and loyal, possessing technical, managerial and leadership expertise with experience in technology and business systems. Accomplishments include the creation of an Award winning Decision Support implementation and relocation of our Data Center to a managed co-location. Fulfilled business needs by transitioning to various roles and positions, including management and administration of all back office systems across various hardware platforms.

Android Full Stack SDK Developer Development Soft Skills:

• SDLC, BI • Database Design
• AgileWrap • Design system model • Integration • Self / Outsourcing

Android Applications - Google Play (exception *):

• Otto Carpool • eRideShare Carpool • DP Image Calculator • AceYourExam • WiFi AirWaves • NDA – MyKickStarter • BCM Entry • BCM Website • BCM Regulations *

Mobile API Experience:

• Google In-App Billing • Google Admob • Material Design • Facebook SDK • RxJava • Retrofit
• Google Volley / GSON • Google Analytics • Deep Linking • Cloud Storage • Espresso • Falcon+ • Accessibility Service • Video Streaming • Permissions 6.0 • Map V2 / NFC • EventBus • Dagger2

Professional Experience:

Developer – Mobile Ride Sharing, New York, New York 12/14 to 1/17

Published Android proprietary application – Worked with CEO to create 2 Android applications, one for college students and one for the general public. App includes maps with custom markers and window info, geocoding, forward and reverse, custom sms, Material Design implemented in a Model View Controller framework. Sole full stack Android Developer, acclimate the CEO to Android paradigm vs iPhone. Minimal Viable Product (MVP) published on Google Play, ‘Otto Carpooling’, 60+ screens. MVP: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.erideshare.erideshare

Developer – Highline Residential, Real Estate Brokerage, New York, New York 3/14 to 8/14

Published Android proprietary application - Performed major role in on-site JAD design sessions with CTO, Project Manager and Designer, providing key Android platform guidance in areas of form factor, device support, UI / UX design, backend, database design, best practices for new proprietary Real Estate application. Sole full stack Android Developer, implemented Google In-App Billing, AdMob, Google Analytics, Widgets, Custom Views, Fonts, Content Provider, Volley, 2D / 3D Animation, RESTful, SDLC. MVP: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hlresidential.aceyourexam

Webmaster / Android Developer / IT Support

IT Consultant – Bergen Chess Mates, Ridgewood, New Jersey 1/09 to present

Android applications:

BCMWinTD, BCMWebsite, BCM Regulation Assistant and BCM Notation

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