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Please click this link to view my My digital resume

● I have been in leadership role(s), mentoring, executing delivery processes or creating processes since 2009 for various team structures, ranging from co-located to virtual to remote, in mostly Agile projects.

● I am a Certified Safe 4 Agilist, a Certified Scrum Master and an experienced Agile Coach/Scrum Master and have worked with high performing, cross-functional, self-organizing Agile teams

● I have expert knowledge of XP, Scrum and Kanban

● I can teach and mentor Agile practices such as user story mapping, ATDD, BDD, value stream mapping, continuous delivery etc

● I am active in the Agile community

● I have an insatiable appetite for continuous improvement and solving problems

● I like to have fun at work!

As a consulting architect, I have transformed a web app architecture from a regex-based monolithic one to a more scalable, flexible to change using test driven design using mocha, slimjs and fitnesse.

As an Agile Coach, I have created an Agile Academy, an internal organizational structure to enable Agile-ready resources for onboarding to any Agile project.

As an Agile evangelist, I have been the Chief Organizer of Agile Tour 2010 Delhi NCR, on behalf of ASCI (Agile Software Community of India), while being a Communication Secretary on the Board of the same organization.

As a speaker, I have delivered speeches/workshops on Agile topics for conferences, organizations and universities in India.

As an Open Source developer, my most notable contribution has been for a NUnit fix for .Net 4.0. This involved remote pairing using Test First Driven Development.

As a Microsoft technology specialist, I have worked on ASP.Net MVC, ASP.Net Core, Entity Framework, ADO.Net with both code-first and data-first approach.

As an Agile software consultant, I work on web, cloud, desktop projects [here][1]

Agile TDDe - tests and driving design and development using tests - Link source: O'Reilly Safaribooks Online.

As a Scrum Master, I have facilitated Offshore-onsite, co-located and virtual teams.

In general

My knowledge and experience with technology are based on hands-on implementations - from animated games written in C in the early 1990s to ASP.Net apps in the early and mid-2000s to Agile development practices then on to Android apps in Java in 2013 to the cloud, the social media and SaaS in 2015-6.

Know more about me My Blog, My Hobbies and other interests, my professional career and achievements and my GitHub repos

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