Kaj Hansen

As an undergraduate, I studied mathematics the University of Georgia. In early 2014, I put together a short series of expository videos on Ramsey theory that can be viewed here (produced and published by my good friend Eddie Beck).

I'm active primarily in the point-set topology and various abstract algebra tags. Here's a handful of my less run-of-the-mill contributions to this site:

Outside of math, I am interested in existentialism, Christianity, and exploring the nature of consciousness. I also hold music in the highest regard. I (at least try to) listen to a wide variety of genres, from minimalist / ambient to folk to psychedelic rock, with a particular soft spot for "extreme" metal⁠—especially death and black.

If you want to connect with me elsewhere, I play chess here under the username Kaj_Hansen and Starcraft II (main-racing as Terran) under the "BattleTag" MementoMori#11653. Feel free to add me.