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What is the best move for black in this game?
8 votes

In the present position black cannot move the knight, and it appears white is threatening to attack it with g4 but in fact if white plays g4 he won't be able to capture the knight with the pawn ...

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Can one side force a loss in regular chess?
4 votes

Forcing self-mate can be done from certain positions, the one forcing their opponent to checkmate them is usually far ahead in material. When I was a teenager (a long time ago) I actually studied the ...

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What is the required Elo to beat a Grandmaster with queen odds?
2 votes

I have played against computer engines with material odds for myself. At queen odds I win easily. Minor piece odds gave me a lot of good practice. I was losing them to start off but managed to ...

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What is the best move for White in this position?
1 votes

My knight on a4 is crying to go to c4 then even on to d6 so moving it to b2 to get there is great, especially since it will take an extra move for my opponent to get his bishop to a6 as the rook is ...

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How do delay and increment work, exactly?
1 votes

In general: With increment you have one clock, and that counts down while it is your move. When your move is complete, the increment time is then added back to your clock. With delay you have 2 ...

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How does white mate in two?
0 votes

Bh6+ Rxh6 forced and Qe5 is then checkmate

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