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Started hacking in 1975. Haven't stopped. Currently happiest in Perl, Lisp and C/C++. Have done well writing interfaces for chess engines. Use chess as a way to learn a new (to me) language.

Least I forget (and I did :) ) I started TeX-ing after returning from the 2nd West Coast Computer Faire. I spent a fair amount of time talking to a fellow hacker who was porting TeX to an 8-bit environment. Don't remember if he succeeded or not (memory may not be the first to go, but go it does) but I do remember that I owned a PDP-11/23 at that time and I believe that DECUS had a usable version. Primary problem was that this was a bit before the arrival of either Laser Printers or Postscript. But once all of the necessary ingredients were put together I fell into the land of good looking documents. I have to say that it helped that my Father-In-Law owned and used two Franklin printing presses and was kind enough to let me play---good old days indeed.

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