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How many legal but unreachable positions exist?
3 votes

As others have said, the number of those unreachable positions is rather small. There are other important things to consider, though: it seems rather difficult to determine which positions are ...

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How do the best centaurs compare to the best computers?
2 votes

First and foremost: The centaur should get at least 50% of the points. As the centaur is not obliged to intervene at all, he could just let the software do the job, so it's best computer - best ...

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How is this position a draw?
1 votes

To elaborate a bit on I thought it would be checkmate, because anywhere the king goes he'll be captured. This will never happen, though. A player must never oppose his king to attack, so he ...

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What are all of the possible tags for PGN?
1 votes

PGN specification makes differences between import and output formats. For example, the seven tags event, site, date, round, white, black, result are mandatory for output in a specific order, but when ...

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