Even after Qe6 it's a theoretical draw. The link to the online tablebase shared by @SecretAgentMan says Qe6 loses with DTZ 63, meaning White can force a win, but it will take 63 moves before a pawn moves (or a piece is captured). When played perfectly, Nepomniachtchi would still be able to claim a draw based on the 50-move rule.


There is no question. It is a theoretical draw (see tablebase).[1] Obviously to mere mortals, playing on may hold practical chances for one side. GM Nakamura repeatedly said that Game 6 of WCC positions were extremely difficult to play for Black. In this position, Black only has two moves that draw: ...Qb1 and ...Qc2 (without considering the 50 move rule). ...


The other answers have answered the first question. For the second, these positions where one person is winning but is foiled by the 50-move rule are known as "cursed wins".

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